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Initial 1 hour consultation- $99
An initial consultation consists of an in-depth case analysis, taking into account your complete medical history and family history, as well as assessing current events that may be affecting your overall health.

Return 30 min consultation- $60
A review of body systems, diet & lifestyle and assessment of treatments implemented during your initial consultation.

Comprehensive Iridology Report- $60
This service may be taken as a 30 minute appointment or can be added to your consultation at an additional fee. A full colour PDF file emailed to you with iris photos. Key iris markings will be assessed and reported, with details of how they may impact areas of your health.

Preconception Care Program - $220
(valued at $310)

This program comprises of 6 visits over a 6 month period and is designed to improve overall nutrition, hormone levels, ovulation cycles and ovum.

Reiki 1 hour - $60
Reiki uses universal life energy and is accessed by the practitioner during a treatment. It enhances the body's natural healing ability and promotes wellbeing. This healing practice is safely used to support orthodox and complementary medicine, without interfering with or diminishing the intended effects of other health practices.