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Herbal Medicine

One of the most ancient forms of medicine is undoubtedly the treatment of disease or illness using herbal treatments. Predating written history, traditional herbs were/are used in all parts of the world, bringing together the total sum of knowledge and practices based on theories, and experiences across different cultures. This type of treatment focuses on the maintenance of health, prevention of disease, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness.

Although steeped in traditional use, many medicinal herbs have been studied in double-blind, placebo controlled research trials in order to determine the biomedical properties that prove their effectiveness. These trials also determine the safety of herbs and whether there is risk of interactions if taken concurrently with other medications. With an increase in clinical research and an in-depth naturopathic consultation, we are able to determine the herbs that will assist you in getting back to health without any adverse effects.

Herbal medicines can be administered in a number of ways. These include fresh or dried herbs, herbal liquid preparations and in capsules or tablet form. The preparations used are mostly from organic sources, containing the active ingredients of plants and their parts. This ensures you are receiving the optimal treatment, allowing your body to restore health and balance.